Learn about France through French!

Ecole Haudecoeur offers you the opportunity not only to learn French according to your needs, but also to understand the French way life.
How do achieve that? Simply by helping you to use the French language as a tool, in order to enter French daily life activities in a confident way and thus feel the pleasure of understanding French lifestyle!
It’s up to you to decide which of the following offered options suits you the best:

Option 1 : Lessons tailored to your needs

Private lessons at all levels and for all ages, tailored to your needs and your rate of learning.

Our first meeting will consist on understanding your French’s goals. After that we will organize the number of lessons per week.

Our price per hour is 30€. 
We make a special offer at 450€ for 15 hours.

Option 2 : Conversation workshop

Every week we organize conversation workshop. It takes place every Wednesday with a different theme each time at Pub O’Bradys in Strasbourg.


Our price for ten workshops is 140€. 14€/workshop.

Option 3 : Group classes (3 – 4 persons)

This small group classes will give you the opportunity to improve your French skills while meeting other people who are living the same experience as you and everything in a friendly atmostphere.

Small group are perfect to feel confortable at speaking and to  have helpful conversation.

Our price per hour and per person is 15€. 
For 15 hours it’s 225€

Below the planning for group lessons

French group classes
Ecole Haudecoeur - French immersion school

Your success is guaranteed by our experience with people from EUROCORPS, Council of Europe and travelers …

Contact us for more informations or a cost estimate.