Ecole Haudecoeur : French immersion language school in France

Our commitment : reach your linguistic goals!

Live your trip – don’t just endure it!

Whether you’re ordering a coffee, having a meal in a restaurant, or chatting to the locals, we’ve all experienced the difficulties of trying to speak a foreign language when travelling abroad.

Why does this happen?

For many of us, the fear of mispronouncing a word holds us back. We believe that we will look silly for not understanding a response, or for not being understood. For this reason, many people choose to speak only in English.


Challenge yourself. Put yourself in these situations with a native French-speaking teacher who will guide you, reassure you and help you develop your confidence and skills. They will teach you useful phrases and help you with intonation and pronunciation.
We can offer you all of this. We believe it will help make your travels memorable and encourage you to explore even more of France.

Fun, enjoyable, tailored learning – meet new friends and make new memories.


At the beginning of your stay, you will take a French exam which includes both oral and written comprehension and production.

Based on the results, we will work together to determine your linguistic goals.

At the end of classes, you can take another test in order to determine your new level and get a certificate. (A1-A2-B1-B2-C1-C2)

All our packages include books and materials.


Our methodology

We use the « actionnelle » methodology

–  Teaching is based on an alliance of French language and the country’s culture

–  Learn and discover the language by living like a French person (going to the bakery, going to the market,…)

–  Practice in class and in real life situations

–  Discover French cuisine, and History

Ten tips for learning a foreign language

  • Be motivated!
  • Immerse yourself in a language
  • Seize every occasion to speak French
  • Make the learning useful
  • Have fun
  • Act like a child
  • Don’t worry about making mistakes
  • Listen
  • Watch people talking
  • Speak, speak, speak