Whether you’re ordering a coffee, having a meal in a restaurant, or chatting with the locals, we’ve all experienced the difficulties of trying to speak a foreign language when travelling abroad. Why does this happen? For many of us, the fear of mispronouncing a word holds us back. We believe that we will look silly for not understanding a response, or for not being understood. For this reason, many people choose to speak only in English.


Challenge yourself. Put yourself in these situations with a native French-speaking teacher who will guide you, reassure you and help you develop your confidence and skills. They will teach you useful phrases and help you with intonation and pronunciation. We can offer you all of this. We believe it will help make your travels memorable and encourage you to explore even more of France. Fun, enjoyable, tailored learningmeet new friends and make new memories.


Here is what really matters:
Understand French culture
Lessons per week
Cultural activities

3 options to learn French

Option 1 : Private classes
We teach French at all levels and all ages in private classes. (One to one or one to two persons) Our prices : 65€/ hour Special offer at 60€/hour for 15 hours.
Option 2 - Online classes
Online classes available for all ages and all levels. Our special offer at 55€/hour.
Option 3 : Full immersive package
Learn French with a full immersive package tailored to your needs.

Find the details of an exemple package below.

Option 3 : Package tailored to your needs

For exemple :
Accommodation for 7 nights
Our package include an apartment 3* or 4* with  2 bedrooms in the city center of Strasbourg.
20 hours of lessons for 5 days
Private lessons at all levels and for all ages, tailored to your needs and your rate of learning. 2 hours / day 
Two cultural activities
Find all of our cultural activities below and choose two of them.
See all the activities

Your success is guaranteed by our experience with people from Eurocorps, the Council of Europe and travelers…

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Located in the heart of “petite France”, the historic city center of Strasbourg, Ecole Haudecoeur is located at the bottom of the Lauth House (La maison Lauth).

In January 2021, Ecole Haudecoeur will move to Chambéry in the Alps of France !

Marie-France - Teacher and founder

Master’s degree in teaching French to foreign language speakers.
Eight years of experience teaching French.

I taught young and beginner-level students for one year in Alberta, Canada.

I have spent the last seven years in Strasbourg, where I have taught French in one-on-one lessons, as well as teaching couples and groups of children (of all ages and all levels).

After these enriching experiences and discoveries, I decided to focus my teaching on the importance of learning French and its culture through a complete immersive experience.

Languages : French (native) – English – Spanish



    1 Rue de la Douane, 67000 Strasbourg, France
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