Whether you’re ordering a coffee, having a meal in a restaurant, or chatting with the locals, we’ve all experienced the difficulties of trying to speak a foreign language when travelling abroad. Why does this happen? For many of us, the fear of mispronouncing a word holds us back. We believe that we will look silly for not understanding a response, or for not being understood. For this reason, many people choose to speak only in English.


Challenge yourself. Put yourself in these situations with a native French-speaking teacher who will guide you, reassure you and help you develop your confidence and skills. They will teach you useful phrases and help you with intonation and pronunciation. We can offer you all of this. We believe it will help make your travels memorable and encourage you to explore even more of France. Fun, enjoyable, tailored learningmeet new friends and make new memories.


Here is what really matters:
Understand French culture
Lessons per week
Cultural activities


Do you want to learn French ? To practice and/or to improve your French ?

Enjoy your trip by visiting a beautiful city and region !

Don't hesitate to contact us for a cost estimate or/and to register.
Option 1 : Group classes (3 – 4 persons)
This small group classes will give you the opportunity to improve your French skills while meeting other people who are going through the same experience as you and everything, all a friendly atmostphere. 15€/hour/person.
Option 2 : Lessons tailored to your needs
Private lessons at all levels and for all ages, tailored to your needs and your rate of learning. 39€/hour/person.
  • Special offer at 540€ for 15 hours.
  • All our lessons after 5 pm are an additional 25% more expensive. (Special offer included)
Option 3 : Conversation workshop
Every week we hold a conversation workshop. It takes place each Wednesday with a different theme at Pub O’Bradys in Strasbourg. 14€/workshop.
Option 4 : Pronunciation workshop
Every week we hold a pronunciation workshop. It takes place each Monday focusing on a different sound at Ecole Haudecoeur in Strasbourg. 9€/workshop.
Option 5 : Theater workshop
Every month we hold a theater workshop for an hour and a half. It takes place at Ecole Haudecoeur in Strasbourg. 25€/workshop
Option 6 : Online private lessons
Private lessons at all levels and for all ages, tailored to your needs and your rate of learning. 39€/hour/person
Option 7 : Cultural activites
Find all of our cultural activities below !


What does this mean ? We offer you the opportunity to enjoy your visit to our city while learning French. You can likewise improve your skills with daily activities according to your needs ! It's true, it's not all that easy to order something at a café or restaurant or to ask a stranger for guidance in a foreign language. That's why we offer you the opportunity to try it with our teachers first so that you can gain the confidence to do it by yourself !
See all the activities

Your success is guaranteed by our experience with people from Eurocorps, the Council of Europe and travelers…

Contact us using the contact form below for more information or a cost estimate. For group classes only, find your group in our calendar and see the number of remaining places.
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Located in the heart of “petite France”, the historic city center of Strasbourg, Ecole Haudecoeur is located at the bottom of the Lauth House (La maison Lauth).


Meet the teachers that are going to take you to the next level.
Marie-France - CEO and founder
Marie-France - CEO and founder

Master’s degree in teaching French to foreign language speakers. Five years of experience teaching French.

I taught young and beginner-level students for one year in Alberta, Canada. I have spent the last four years in Strasbourg, where I have taught French in one-on-one lessons, as well as teaching couples and groups of children (of all ages and all levels). After these enriching experiences and discoveries, I decided to focus my teaching on the importance of learning French and its culture through a complete immersive experience. Languages : French (native) – English – Spanish

    Clemence - Teacher
    Clemence - Teacher

    Master’s Degree in teaching French to foreign-language speakers. Two years of experience teaching French.

    Over the last two years, I have taught French to immigrants in Toulouse, as well as teaching in the US (California) and New Zealand (all ages and levels). After travelling and working abroad, I decided to return to teaching in France. I love travelling, playing music, meeting different people and discovering new cultures. That's why teaching is my dream job : sharing our culture as well as learning from others. Languages : French (native) – English

      Edwige - Teacher
      Edwige - Teacher

      Master’s Degree in teaching French to foreign-language speakers. One year of teaching experience teaching French.

      I have a university degree in Russian language and culture, and lived for several months in Krasnodar (Russia) and in Budapest (Hungary). I like learning new languages, travelling, playing guitar and discovering new things. The most important thing to me about my job as a teacher is mutual discovery and friendly atmosphere. Languages : French (native) - Russian


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