Duration (approximately) : 1 hour

If you are a beginner, it can be very difficult to feel confident at ordering something at a café or restaurant in French. Maybe you are not a beginner, but you just don’t feel very confident and need a little help in order to feel more fluent and comfortable.

That’s why we go with you to the café, where we help you improve your skills at ordering a coffee or lunch. After ordering, we will stay to converse, practicing French in a friendly cafe atmosphere.

One thought to “Order a drink (coffee, tea…) and have a conversation on site”

  • Ana Ozores

    Bonjour! I am visiting France with a friend the month of July, 2020 and, I have been told by a student of mine, ( I, also, am a teacher of Spanish!) about your school. Since I am traveling with a friend, (a female teacher, as well) would it be possible for her to stay with me at the host’s home? She will not be taking French lessons.

    Ana Ozores


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