Get informations about phone packages

Duration (approximately) : 45 minutes You live in France or you are on vacation, and you need to use a phone for some reason. But you don’t have a French phone package and it is so complicated to get information on them… Ecole Haudecoeur offers a class on the vocabulary and specific grammar that you’ll […]

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Order lunch and have a conversation on site

Duration (approximately) : 1.5 hours If you are a beginner, it can be very difficult to feel confident ordering something at a café or restaurant in French. Maybe you are not a beginner, but you just don’t feel very confident and need a little help in order to feel more fluent and comfortable. That’s why […]

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Ask for information about local products (wines, cheeses, …)
French immersion school in France Strasbourg

Duration (approximatively) : 30 minutes France is known as the country of gastronomy ! Each part of France has its own gastronomy. In Alsace, they love eating, drinking and being festive ! That’s why École Haudecoeur proposes you to ask information for local products ! Ecole Haudecoeur offers you to work in class on vocabulary […]

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Visit a clothing and/or shoe store
Learning French in Strasbourg France

Duration (approximatively) : 1 hour Do you like shopping ? Do you enjoy visiting a clothing and/or a shoe store ? Ecole Haudecoeur proposes you to work in class on vocabulary and on specific grammar in order to be able to go shopping. After learning, we will go together at the clothing and/or the shoe […]

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Ask for informations about cultural activities

Duration (approximatively) : 45 minutes In France, we have a place called “Office de tourisme” in every touristic city. At that place, you can get and ask informations about cultural activities in the city and in the area around. Of course, there they speak English and lots of languages but you would like to be […]

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Ask for directions in the city center (getting from point A (for example, the school) to point B and reach the destination by soliciting help)

Duration (approximatively) : 1 hour Nowadays, with our smartphone, we can reach a destination without asking for help… You can avoid this disagreeable situation if you are not comfortable at speaking. However, asking for directions in the city center is a good activity for practicing your French. And you can’t avoid when people are asking […]

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